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What is all this?

Inscriptions refer to the metadata affixed or "etched" onto Bitcoin satoshis (sats), which are the tiniest denomination of the Bitcoin. The inscriptions are initially ordered (number system) and data is attached. These present as digital records or "digital artifacts" within the Bitcoin blockchain, which serves as the transparent ledger documenting all bitcoin transactions.
BRC-20 is an experimental fungible token standard using ordinal inscriptions on Bitcoin.
'BRC-20 tokens utilize Ordinals inscriptions of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data to deploy token contracts, mint, and transfer tokens. Currently, the BRC-20 token standard allows creating a BRC-20 token with the deploy function, minting an amount of BRC-20 tokens with the mint function, and transferring an amount of BRC-20 tokens via the transfer function.' -(Binance)