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Now is the process of getting tokens out, depending on what you put in.
So, using similar methodology we can introduce 'swap':
"p": "brc-20",
"op": "swap",
"input": "ordi",
"veri-1": "b61b0172d95e266c18aea0c624db987e971a5d6d4ebc2aaed85da4642d635735i0",
"pool": "ORPO-ordi",
"veri-2": "0d4590ad5ec95ea8eec2e00b4286c82b25315bdc5641e72eb0a72a736abb5ea0i0"
"amt-1": "10",
"amt-2": "10",
"to": "bc1plklz3qhxuuq66tcwr7wsz2ggdlc7c4hf52d2p9w64j4nrzv35cdqjwsmpk"
This is a very simple 1 for 1 swap.
The 'to' address in this case will be the sender. This information will likely be populated internally and produced in a very easy format to handle.
A simple transfer inscribe will then initiate the swap: