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BRC-20 LP Tokens

As this is a type of off-chain accounting please use this for experimentation purposes only.

Creating a pool

The idea of a liquidity pool is that token A + B can be pooled at some sort of ratio to allow people to add token A and receive token B.
Pool token:
"p": "brc-20",
"op": "deploy",
"tick-1": "SVBL",
"veri-1": "430602",
"tick-2": "ordi",
"veri-2": "xxx"
"amt-1": "1",
"amt-2": "1",
"to": "bc1plklz3qhxuuq66tcwr7wsz2ggdlc7c4hf52d2p9w64j4nrzv35cdqjwsmpk"
The execution of this inscription, would create an 'LP' token. The balance from each "SVBL" and "ordi" would be subtracted from the address and compiled into the pool.
Be aware, this of course would 'deploy' a new token. Which in future transactions, based on "veri", would require a new verification number.
The ratio is 1:1 for ease for now.
The outcome of this would be "SVBL-ordi" pool.